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Welcome to Wind-Dreams

Wind-Dreams is the home for kite flyers in Wales. From this site you can find out tips and tricks on all aspects of kite flying from single line kites, dual line stunt kites, power & traction kites, all the way to kite buggying and boarding and beyond.

You can watch kite flying action in the video gallery, browse through pictures of flyers in action, Find out the weather forecast for your flying location and chat to other flyers on Wales largest and best known kite forum on the internet and more....

Pablo with his libre full race buggy Crazy Pete boarding at Aberavon Adam's artistic shot of a M-80 wingtip

About Wind-Dreams

Wind-Dreams is one person... and that is me, Adam. I created the website originally just to have a bit of the world wide web for myself but I soon wanted to broaden the website so I slowly started on the task of compiling information and my knowledge to build the site to what it is today.

Today Wind-Dreams is known not only around the UK but throughout the World.

I have been flying for over 17 years and I have what some say is the dream job of working in the trade. Well someone has to test all these kites and flying toys......Its a hard job but someone has to do it.

Please look around the site and visit the "approved sites" that are listed to the lower left of the screen. If you have any questions, queries or spot an error on the site then please contact me via the link to the left.

Remember... have fun, be safe, be sensible, every time you fly your an ambassador for the sport.