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Online Kite School

Over the following topics we will cover so many aspects of kite flying in all its forms. There is a lot of text and at times it may appear to never end but there is some really useful information there.

Simply click on the title of your chosen lesson.

Adam (Wind-Dreams)

The Essentials

Kite Flying Safety - Kite flying etiquette
The importance of kite safety can never be stressed enough.
If you want to fly, do it safe by following these simple and courteous guidelines.
This course is recommended for anyone who flies kites.

Wind Knowledge
This course will teach you the basics of the "Wind Window" and the effect wind power and wind speed have on different types of flying.

Basic Kite Designs and Differences
This course will teach you the basics of kite design including differences between single line, 2 line, 3 line, 4 line kites, stunt kites, power kites, inflatable's and ram-air kites.

Basic Kite Components and Terminology / How it Fly's
Parts that make up a kite.
What makes my kite fly.

Kite Lines
How different line will affect the performance and power of your kite.
How to check your line sets for line stretch.
How to tie or re-tie your line sets.
Hints on setting up your line sets for easy adjusting.
Adjusting your line for different kite performance.

Choosing the right kite
What kite should I purchase for my first kite?
Do I need different sizes of kites?
What brand of kite is the best?
What style of kite is the best?
How many kites should I buy?

Staking your kite for setup and parking
Attaching line sets to your kite and handles.
Kite harnesses - different types and function.

Launching and landing your kite
Launching a single line kite.
Launching a dual line kite.
Launching a Quad line kite.

Controlling your kite
Steering your kite.
Forward flight and reverse flight.
Flying your kite in and out of the power window.

Putting your kite away
Keeping your lines from getting tangled.
Different ways to wind up your lines.
Things to note before putting your kite into the bag.

The Extras

Trick kite bridle adjustments
How to correctly adjust your trick kites bridle.
Adjusting for high and low winds.
Adjusting for different steering response.

First flights and locations
Look for a suitable location to fly.
Wind turbulence.
Setup and launching your trick kite .

Why wont it fly?
Covers the common fixes with trick kites.

Trick Kite Tricks

Launch, pull & push turns, landing

Snap stall, spin stall landing, Leading edge launch.
Side slide/skating, wingtip stand, cartwheel/flip over.
Vertical snap stall landing, spike, sly away.

Pancake, belly launch, axel.
Spin axel, coin toss, spin axel.
Half axel/cascade, 540 flat spin, fade.